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mageau :
melanesian marks.


Frequently shared information.

These marks are about marking transitions in an individual life.
In the past, in parts of central province, PNG most young girls were marked at different stages of their lives centred around the changes in puberty. In todays world we often mark the different stages of an individuals journey of decolonisation.

Whether the marks are bespoke or familial each mark is designed to fit the body. The familial designs may be the same but they way in which they are placed and where they are placed are decided upon during the drawing of the marks in the beginning of the sessions. This can sometimes be a quick reveal or a longer discovery. On the part of the individual it is a vulnerable time as the mark placement is decided upon in the session and not before hand.

The traditional use of lemon thorns is not offered as hygiene has prompted us to use modern day tattoo needles. Our developed hand tap tool style is practical and functional using wooden handles and stainless steel needles. We use uv light sterilisers and all of our needles are one use only.

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