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Meet Juliana

Full name?

Juliana Leslie Satchell

Where do you connect to in PNG?

Daru Island, Western Province
Can name a few more places but Daru is where my Abere's body rests so she makes Daru ples blo mi.

Funniest / touching childhood memory?

Funniest- being so afraid of Alago in Daru that I pispis my pants when the drums started beating to warn children that Alago was coming....if you know!
Touching - Swimming at the Crystal Rapids with Ebony and playing huahua (playhouse) with my cousins at Abere's home in Daru or with cousins at Hohola, Gerehu, Korobosea, Kilakila and East Boroko.

What are you passionate about and how did this come about?

I am passionate about ples blo mi!
So I work in spaces that move me to always connect with my culture and right now that includes the material culture.

Favourite food from ples?

Sago with Arimina (fish) not just any has to be Parasa or Jabere!
Smoked Momoro barakako (dugong ribs)

Favourite spot to eat in Aotearoa?

To be honest I love when we do pot luck and I get to eat everyone else's home cooking!

Are you reading anything interesting right now?

White Tears/Brown Scars: How White Feminism Betrays Women of Color by Ruby Hamad

What song were you just listening to?

The Dress - Dijon

Are you bingeing any shows?


Share an image and quote that resonates with you and let us know why.

I was searching through my notes...through my memories and just thinking of times when I needed to push myself with words (happens daily) but I was stuck with picking one quote. I wanted to be so clever and use a quote that would be so grand and powerful and make the readers go 'yasssss' and click their fingers at my amazing quote...BUT I'm sharing a quote that resonates with me now and in this moment and that is "Courage dear heart" from C.S Lewis. I am terrified of change and the unknown - right now I need the courage to tell my heart that it will be okay.
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