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 "Our class is challenging in the best of ways... It moves your body, your mind, your heart and shifts the way you see yourself". - Julia 

A 'Nesian' dance class designed for women to dance, laugh and learn.
With movement drawn from different parts of Oceania,
(Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia) this class focuses on
developing strength, stamina and self awareness.

Nesian Dance Class is an offering from Julia, sharing her many and diverse cultural dance experiences.

Wan Danis

Nesian Dance Class

The Yearly Membership includes:

Online access to previous Nesian Dance Seasons

Weekly class - Times and dates vary over the year (will begin in March)

Sunday Beach Class at Campbells Bay Beach, 9 - 10am

*The classes are designed for beginners to intermediate levels of dance experience.

membership  plan.

  • Wan Danis - Nesian Dance Membership 2024

    Valid for 12 months
    • Weekly Classes begins March
    • Sunday Beach Class @ Campbells Bay Beach
    • Access to previous Nesian Dance Seasons
    • Monthly Movement Challenge

*Nesian Dance Class (NDC) does not offer a return or refund policy on its NDC Seasons. The participant agrees & understands: That there may be risks associated with involvement in NDC & that these risks cannot be completely eliminated. That NDC does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property & that any medical costs not covered by ACC or a community services card will be paid by you. To release the Owners from any/all liability for their death, personal injury, psychological trauma, & loss or damage to their property (including consequential loss) howsoever arising, from their presence or activities during NDC. Acknowledges that by paying for the season you agree to this disclaimer, the participant is waiving their rights & their rights of their dependents to sue the Owners for losses arising from or relating to personal injury, death, psychological trauma & any loss or damage to their property, (including consequential loss) suffered whilst participating in NDC.

Monthly Movement Challenge

Each month we have a Movement Challenge.

The challenge is introduced at our Sunday Beach classes.
You have access to the music and movement sequence online.
Send in a weekly video of your progress or attend the Sunday Beach class and get your critique and tips on how to improve from Julia.

No upcoming events at the moment

meet julia




Julia Mage'au Gray is a dancer, choreographer, skin marker (tattooist), photographer and film-maker who is interested in exploring her Papuan and Mekeo heritage within an urban Australian and New Zealand context. Her performances frequently combine dance with evocative video narratives. Now based in Auckland, Gray co- founded the performance group Sunameke in 1997. Dress or adornment, including the marking of the body with tatu (tattoo), is often of particular significance in her performances and films.

ori tahiti

Ori Tahiti

Attending the Ori Tahiti Training Courses from 2009 to 2014 at the Conservatoire artistique de la Polynésie française Te Fare Upa Rau in Papeete, Tahiti was life changing in the best of ways. 


Achieving level six was one of the most challenging dance journeys and learning under Mamie Louise Kimitete and the many 'mana' full women at Te Fare Upa Rau was an absolute honour and privilege. So thankful to have heard, seen and felt the passion for Tahitian culture. Today I share the strength in being a woman that I came to appreciate whilst learning Ori Tahiti. 

- Julia

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