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 "Our class is challenging in the best of ways... It moves your body, your mind, your heart and shifts the way you see yourself". - Julia 

Our online classes allow for a flexibility to fit your schedules. They are short classes designed to keep you connected to your body and the way we move across our Oceanic region, on the daily.

Longer classes and dance tutorials are available in our drop in class section as well so there is something for everyone. 

Nesian Dance Class is an offering from Julia, sharing her many and diverse cultural dance experiences.

Brukim Lek.

Brukim Lek, Nov 28 - Dec 18, 2022

The season includes:
- Regular Short Online Classes designed for beginners to intermediate levels of dance experience.
- Daily Dance Video Challenge

Monday - Friday : 10-15 minute class
Monday - Sunday: Send in your Dance Video Challenge
Sunday - Sunday Beach Class (for Auckland participants)

season plan.