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Chauka Calling


Presented at:​


The South Pacific Beauty Pageant in Suva, Fiji 2009

Climate Change - Melanesian Night

Pacific Storms in Brisbane, 2009

Pasifika Festival in Auckland, March 2010

"The water used to be 15 metres from Chachu's door, now it's only 4 metres away" The sea at Mata'an (the eye of the water) Beach in Loniu, Manus Islands (PNG) is rising.

Sunameke Productions debuted "Chauka Calling" at the 2009 Miss South Pacific Pageant in Suva, Fiji. The performance was televised across the Pacific to an audience of 6 million people. "Chauka Calling" was created to raise awareness of climate change and it's effects in Oceania. Using traditional stories, dances and songs from across Oceania in a contemporary context; Sunameke illustrated the links between pacific islanders and the sea and highlighted the future adversity that awaits them in the form of climate change.

The legend of "Leveyam" tells the story of a young man and his new wife, whom the Chauka, the gaurdian bird of the village discovers is a masalai or spirit. The Chauka bird warns the villagers of the imminent danger Leveyam's wife represents, and in response the villagers take to their canoes and leave their village behind to start new lives. "Leveyam" was the inspiration for "Chauka Calling" as the Chauka warned the villagers of a threat, Sunameke uses the symbol of the Chauka to warn the world of the danger our Pacific Islands are now facing.

Heed the call of the Chauka and plan and act for the future.