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Dear Aunty


With Tattoo, Dogs teeth, Gowns, Coconut oil and Torch light.
How do Hapakasi, Afakasi, Afa, Mixed Race Islanders manage many worlds?

Sunameke gathers its stories for Dear Aunty from surveys sent out through facebook and YouTube and brings it together in dance and music.

These tales of acceptance are delivered with a soft punch and a wicked smile..

Its an intimate perspective on what it is to be mixed race living in Australia. From the Islands to Aussie within our own bodies we find the balance. Confronting and beautiful this show is just like its namesake. Highly versatile we transform from supermodels to thieves and all the while we tell you about her.

A sneak peek into the lives of the Hapakasi!

Presented @ The Best Of Auditions, Pasifika Festival
at the GALATOS, Auckland
10th Mar 2010
Words from Tanya Muagututia

Sunameke brings a fresh and contemporary look at cultural identity through multimedia and movement in 'Dear Aunty'

A short film that shows it's members' candid view on how the world sees them as 'islanders' living in Australia sets up a thought provoking challenge of 'first impressions' and mis-identity in an urban setting.

Tatau or tattoo markings are some imagery used in the film to assist with this idea, but it's the thick Australian accents, and close up of the faces that really make this challenge stand out.

Following is a movement piece that further depicts identity through the infamous 'Miss South Pacific Pageant' and perhaps how the world should see us represented or representing our island nations.

The simplicity of the piece is charming and the shortness of its entirety makes you yearn for a little more.

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