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sunameke productions - performance

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Found Words


Julia Mage’au of Sunameke presented her solo work 'Found Words', making comment on the discoveries of sleeping knowledge in museums and libraries and the constant pressure to own and balance the knowledge that comes with their awakening. With the poetry of the late Teresia Teaiwa, Costume design by Dru Douglas from Lumai, Sunameke short film and dance by Julia, 'Found Words' is an expression of connection and disconnection to the past and the present of our Pacific heritage.

Images from the sunameke short clips presented in 'Found Words' (Defining Pasifika | Identify Me | Bag Lady | Preserve Me | This Book)


Dance Reviews: Wahine Toa (excerpts)

Where & when: Mangere Arts Centre, 16 Jun, 2017
Reviewer: Vivian Arthur Hosking-Aue​

Husk of a coconut…Get to the sweet meat…maybe you want to do it again?

Entering the stage, Julia Mage'au Gray draped in a white netted cloth around her body with minimal light, is a spectacle to watch. A bare-chested woman projects on the cyclorama, wise words of knowledge by the late Teresia Teaiwa are heard, a film created by Gray is played and subtle and powerful Melanesian movements performed in representation of Teaiwa's text. Gray's performance is professional, powerful and positively shifts the vibe of the show. Research and study are evident throughout Gray's performance installation.

Where & when: Mangere Arts Centre, 16 Jun, 2017
Reviewer: Raewyn Whyte

The urgent need to reclaim traditional heritage and connections to the past feature in Found Words, a sophisticated performance installation by Julia Mage'au Gray with poetry by Teresia Teaiwa, clothing by Dru Douglas and film by Gray. The layers of film, movement and text overlap and crosshatch as she throws out her net/dress to harvest reclaimed knowledge.


Excerpt of Found Words, filmed by Coconet TV