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Three Months with Terita

Introducing Terita Gamoga Toea and her revareva.

(Terita’s story in brief. Full version coming up in the Tep Tok : Our Lines Connect Us documentary releasing Jan 23rd 2021)

Myself and Airileke Ingram searched 12 Hiri villages looking for a young woman brave enough to go through the process of hand poke tattooing to wear Revareva marks on her skin (not painted or drawn on) for the Opening Ceremony of the XV Pacific Games in 2015.

Terita was the young woman who put her hand up to be that person henceforth becoming the Hanenamo for the XV Pacific Games in Port Moresby, 2015.

Three months of her life committed to being by my side. She gave up her livelihood to wear these marks and also went through much family turmoil because of her decision. Today Terita, like every PNG woman does her best to survive and stay strong in an increasingly male dominated society.

When I see these photos I am reminded of the strength that is in all of our women. In Terita I see her strength upon her skin as did I see my Bubus.


Massive thanks to Airileke and Tania Nugent for the #support during this defining time.

📷 @facehunter

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