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2004 - 2007

Over the Years .


Collaborations with Juniper Tree Dance Company, to coordinating the cultural performances for the Arafura Games Opening Ceremony to performing Fai'a at Culture Moves in Wellington NZ.

Highlights of Gigs, Events & Productions


​Adelaide Fringe Festival with Faia ke Vavine, 2007

Fai'a Ke Vavine was performed at The Adelaide Fringe Festival to rave reviews.

It was a mix of the previous productions "Fai'a" and "Vavine".

​Arafura Games Opening, 2007 NT

​Nesian Pride presented by Sunameke, 2007 NT

​Four on the Floor presented by Ausdance NT at the Darwin Festival 2007

​Sing Sing concert presented by David Bridie and Airi Ingram, 2007 Darwin Festival

​Manu production presented by the Cultural Village of the NT, 2007 Darwin Festival

Manu - Portents and Wonders Darwin Festival and the Cultural Village of the NT presents A

fabulous night of high energy performance, song, storytelling and ritual from PNG, Indonesia,

Samoa, Kiribati, East Timor, India, New Zealand, Fiji, West Indies and the Torres Strait

cultures that reside and share in the history of the Top End.Experience a multi cultural feast of

dances and rituals as over 100 performers take to the stage in a production that celebrates the

influences and beauty of Manu birds. Manu is also the story of the cultural village itself and is

their testimony, a celebration of beauty and courtship, culture and identity and dreams for the



​Fai'a Darwin High School, 2006 NT

Fai'a was revised and extended after the success it achieved at the "Culture Moves! Conference" in Wellington, New Zealand, 2005. The extended version of Fai'a was performed at Darwin High School to full house audiences.

​Without Sea Tracks production, 2006 NT

​I-Moves seasons presented by Ausdance 2006 NT

​Waka production presented by the Cultural Village of the 2006 NT Darwin Festival


​'Our Place' Top End Arts Marketing Launch, 2005 NT

Our Place was choreographed for the Opening of "Top End Arts Marketing". It is a piece depicting the vibrant multicultralsim found in the Northern Territory and how people from different places have come to call the "Top End" home.​

​Arafura Games Opening, 2005 NT

'Faia' Culture Moves Conference, 2005 Wellington New Zealand

Fai'a is about the relationship between the Sunameke dancers. Giving insight into the reasons that they continue to dance through adversity. Fai'a translated means directed fate. This piece was peformed for the Ausdance "I-Moves" season of 2005 and also at the "Culture Moves! Conference" in Wellington, New Zealand.

​Nesian Pride presented by Sunameke, 2005 NT

​Dubu production presented by the Cultural Village of the NT, 2005

Darwin Festival I-Moves seasons presented by Ausdance NT 2005


Tracks Local production, 2004 NT

Vavine production, 2004 NT

I-Moves seasons presented by Ausdance NT 2004

Weaving the Map is an interpretation through expressive movement and theatre the impact the Christian Missionaries had on the cultures of the Pacific islands, and how that impact has effected modern Pacific Island culture. This piece was performed as part of the AusdanceNT "I-Moves" season of 2004 in collaboration with Juniper Tree Dance Company.

Snakes, Gods and Deities Tracks production, 2004 Darwin Festival

Urban Village production presented by the Cultural Village of the NT, 2004 Darwin Festival

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