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Tep Tok : Reading Between Our Lines

Released 2015

Documentary Runtime : 56 minutes

Self Funded by Sunameke Whānau

For many a Pacific Islander, a tattoo is a marker of one's identity - a reminder of one's heritage and a visual story to carry on their skin.
The art of tattooing has travelled the world over and while its popularity has continued strongly into contemporary culture today, the awareness of the traditional practices of tattooing in Papua New Guinea is dwindling.

Tep Tok is a documentary aimed at changing this situation.

The documentary follows four women of Papua New Guinea and Australian descent as they explore their tattooing traditions on a journey which takes them from Australia to Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti, Cook Islands and back.

In short, Tep Tok aims to bring light to a vanishing ancient practice; though the desire to reinvent what has been lost.




Julia Mage'au Gray


James Mangohig


Julia Mage'au Gray

Ranu James

Natalie Richards

Moale James

Paia Ingram

Peta Khan

Peter Sipeli

Terry Klavenes

Filmed through out Oceania:

Australia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, New Zealand, Cook Islands,

and Tahiti

Thank you to those who shared their time and thoughts:

Footage and Interviews with prominent

Pasifika tattooists, artists, & specialists:

Croc Tatau

Ema Tavola

Inia Taylor

Joe Brown

Latai Taumoepeau

Mali Voi

Manu Farrarons

Michael Lothian

Miriam 'Mim' D'Abbs

Sean Mallon

Sulu'ape Tatau - Marks of Polynesia

Thomas Clark

Tihoti Mataura

Vincent David

Interviews in

Central Province,

Papua New Guinea:

Warimo'vo Leva Bubu Vali Kolou and her son Frank Kamiora Ila and Vetugu Rawali with Wapu Alo Mea Marcia Muir with her Bubu Abia Baki and her Aunty Ama Pinu Ogogo Fagau Taita Uraru Avia Ko'o Ogopai Pukali Elaka Aisa Laoma Aisamo Mali Isoaimo Florence Ila Gilimo Wapu Renagi and Vavine Iru Tau Asigau and Glenda Ray

Interviews with

National Rugby League guests

(past and current players):

Bronson Harrison

Clinton Toopi

David Mead

Delroy Berryman

Dominique Peyroux

Japeth Vaoa

Jesse Sene-Lefao

The Tia-Kalifi brothers

We are thankful for the generosity & support of:

Aileen Kemp

Ani O'Neill

Henare Johnson

James Brown

James Mangohig

Kat Morrow

Mark Smith

Matthew Francis

Miriam 'MIM' D'Abbs

Nigel Vagana

Renee Lalor

Roannie Ng Shiu

Ruth Chisaka

Ruth Choulai

Simon Welch

Solange Faatauira

Teresia Teaiwa

Terry Klavenes

Will Tinapple

All of the

Sunameke Family


Tep Tok Media Kit
Download PDF • 4.26MB

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