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“Smart is smart, but when smart stops, hard work takes over”

- Elaine from Nambis Events speaks with Barbara Angoro

Image: via Barbara Angoro - Twitter

Smart is smart, but when smart stops, hard work takes over”. This is one of the stand out quotes from my catch up with Barbara Angoro. After a less than perfect start to PhD studies, she is now the final stages of completing a PhD in Pharmacy.

For those who follow her on twitter, she has been open about her divorce and depression as well providing insight into her life as she balances being a mum and PhD studies at the University of Auckland.

I was lucky enough to have a catch up with her a day after the Manaaki Scholars ceremony where she was joined by two of her sisters who made the trip from Papua New Guinea.

Image: via Barbara Angoro - Twitter

Barbara is from Binandere in Oro province and is the second child of Christian missionaries. She is also no stranger to post grad studies and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field. Fun fact: she and three other siblings in her family have undergone post grad studies with the help of MFAT (NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) scholarships.

Here are few snippets from my chat with her where we talked about the topic of her PhD studies, her challenges and wins as well as any advice she has for those considering PhD studies.

- Elaine Pokarop

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