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8 October 2022

Presenting Angie

Full name?

Angelika Possiam Pokarop

Where do you connect to in PNG?

Manus/Lou Island/Baun Village
Central/Mekeo/Inaui Village

Funniest / touching childhood memory?

Having a dog funeral for my maternal grandmother’s puppy. Mum ran over Bubu Malia’s puppy and us cousins had a service. I lead the prayer, as soon as I said “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” Bubu Malia yells “eh, kapaina, dust to dust”! We all lost it 😂.

What are you passionate about and how did this come about?

Strength training. Been trying to make the gym at least 3 days a week. Training for strength and function of movement is my life. I do this now and often so my body can carry out the simplest of tasks when I grow old.

Favourite food from ples?

Buai? 😂Creamed green banana from the mums village and smoked fish (the fish that resembles the pigs juiciest meat and skin of pig) with tapioc *chefs kiss.

Favourite spot to eat in Aotearoa?

Postman’s Leg, Glenfield, my local.

Are you reading anything interesting right now?

The Subtle art of not giving a f***. One from the bro Leon’s collection.

What song were you just listening to?

Office Ladies podcast. I enjoyed The Office (US version) so it’s only right to explore what was going on behind the scenes.

Are you bingeing any shows?

Handmaids Tale, The Office (US), Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Share an image and quote that resonates with you and let us know why.

The bubus in Bilas. This my bloodline, identity

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world” - Archimedes. it’s giving God saying, “tell me what you want, and I’ll move mountains “ *literal Chillz .

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