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1 October 2022

Get to know Mikey

Full name?

Michaelyn Leontyn Aisa Pokarop

Where do you connect to in PNG?

Lou Island - Manus Province
Mekeo - Central Province

Funniest / touching childhood memory?

We had just moved to NZ and one winter, my younger brother who would have been 7-8years old at the time was walking around the house in his boxers, socks and my mum’s warm fancy winter gloves.
He disappeared for a little while and then came out from the toilet and walked straight into the lounge. I can’t recall who, but one of us (sisters) asked him if he washed his hands and his immediate response was “I didn’t have to, I was wearing gloves”🧤🧤🤷🏾‍♀️.

What are you passionate about and how did this come about?

I’m really passionate about understanding young people at risk and supporting them. I got into social work accidentally after taking sociology as a year 13 subject to fill up my timetable and found myself applying to study social work at university unsure of what it would entail. I have been a social worker for almost 10years now and I have always found adolescents to be the most challenging and rewarding group of people to work with. Their history, parental and family histories, disconnections and connections all impacting on one young person making choices.

Favourite food from ples?

Mumu banana and tapioc, with smoked fish, or anything cooked in coconut cream.

Favourite spot to eat in Aotearoa?

El Humero in Takapuna or Hollywood Chicken Takeaways in Beach Haven.

Are you reading anything interesting right now?

…twitter 🙄.

What song were you just listening to?

La vie en Rose - Rhiannon Giddens.

Are you bingeing any shows?

Hand Maids Tale, House of Dragons and Big Bang Theory (again).

Share an image and quote that resonates with you and let us know why.

“Go hard or go home”. Subconsciously I often use this quote to check myself and my intentions before doing anything. Sometimes to my own detriment but most times to make sure I’m present in the moment and if I’m not, I remove myself from a situation/circumstance because it won’t benefit me or the people I’m around.

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